Dependable Customer Support from the Allied Pharma Team


Here at Allied Pharma we provide comprehensive support and servicing for our clients. Installation of new machinery is usually carried out by our partners' own engineers; if this is not possible, installation will be carried out by a qualified APL engineer. We can offer installation, machine handover assistance and training as required after the initial set up.

We have two experienced, dedicated service technicians who have worked with our equipment suppliers for more than 15 years. Thanks to their considerable technical expertise, they are able to diagnose and solve any technical issues promptly and effectively.

It is our aim to make the manufacturing process as simple as possible. We appreciate that clients depend on our machinery and endeavour to ensure everything keeps running as it should. Allied Pharma doesn't simply supply machines; we're also here to provide full support wherever it is needed.

To learn more about our servicing and support, please get in touch with us today.


We appreciate that, in a fast paced production environment, it is critical that spare parts are readily available when necessary. That is why we always endeavour to implement the fastest and most economical method of supplying the spare parts required to support our clients' machines.

Many manufacturers find themselves with no option but to purchase spares directly through a third party (an agent) at a premium.

At Allied Pharma Ltd, we do things differently; all our European manufacturers have a committed spares department allowing parts to be purchased with a minimum of fuss, at realistic prices and delivered in a timely manner.

For our manufacturers outside of Europe, we have taken the responsibility of importing spare parts ourselves to be distributed to our clients directly.

This saves our valued clients the hassle associated with import and custom clearance, whilst ensuring that parts arrive promptly without the time consuming issue of clearing consignments.