Flexible Finance Options from Allied Pharma

We have worked with many financing companies who have an understanding for this marketplace and who work on a rate per £1000 per month basis.

Benefits of leasing

Leaves existing borrowing lines intact; A leasing facility preserves liquidity for other more appropriate uses. By establishing another line of borrowing the customer maintains existing credit lines for working capital.

Helps cash flow forecasting; Rentals are fixed at the inception of a lease assist expense budgeting and cash flow forcasting. This enables the customer to precisely calculate the cost associated with using the equipment.

Leasing cannot be withdrawn; A lease is non-cancellable unlike an overdraft, for example, which is repayable on demand and may be reduced during a credit squeeze. Leasing companies do not review their customer's financial status each year and do not therefore vary limits or the interest rate charged.

Leasing is inflation proof; Equipment can be acquired at current prices and rentals met out of future earnings. This means that the equipment should easily pay for itself, and the leasing rate will not increase with future interest rate rises.

Leasing is tax efficient; Leasing rentals are generally tax deductable in full as operating expenses. The customer, gets a better return on his investment by using leasing rather than paying cash for the equipment.

Leasing is straight forward; Leasing minimizes administrative costs and simplifies tax and accounting procedures. Asset depreciation becomes a lessor's responsability.

Upgrade options; Leasing allows your business to keep up with changes in technology and respond to any industry or competative pressure.

Buying title; at the end of the lease for a nominal fee you can choose to purchase title and own the equipment outright.

Maintenence costs; On-going costs of maintanence or service packages can be included in the lease amount, creating one single payment covering the equipment and service.

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