Allied Pharma have a long-standing partnership with ACG for over twenty years and offer integrated solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industry with many applications within the UK and Ireland for Capsule Filling solutions.

Solution Information

Our Partners ACG have more than five decades of experience and understanding in capsule making and filling technologies. ACG have the ability and expertise to encapsulate a wide range of difficult formulations, with more than 3000 formulations worldwide. The encapsulation principles such as tamping and dosator to suit different formulation needs.

Capsule Filling Equipment

Suitable for the following industries:




Specialist Manufacturers

See below for our recommended Capsule Filling equipment specialist manufacturers.

  • Ipros

    Ipros is a company specializing in the design and development of process solution within the following specialisms Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Heat Exchangers.

  • ACG

    ACG offer integrated solution for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.