Allied Pharma and Lödige have had a longstanding partnership for over ten years with many applications within the UK and Ireland for both vertical and horizontal solutions.

Solution Information

Lodige have over 70 years’ worth of experience in the Coating Industry. They are able to provide solutions for coating all shapes of tablets for film and sugar coating. Due to maximised air volume, nozzle quantity and exceptionally effective product mixing, the Lödige Coating System LC permits extremely fast coating processes while maintaining excellent tablet quality and ideal coating homogeneity.

Key Features include:

Filling level variability without drum replacement

  • The extremely low height of the mixing elements permits a high degree of filling level variability.

Even application and short process times

  • The high number of mixing elements and nozzles ensures ideal distribution and leads to low variance in the evenness of application.

High-speed = Time is money

  • The even air distribution throughout the entire drum length ensures that the drying effectiveness is high and permits high spray rates.

Optimised air routing: A quality improvement

  • This air routing prevents spray drying, increases service life for campaign production and reduces the cleaning workload.

Simple cleaning

  • A sophisticated cleaning system and its great mechanical effect make cleaning quick and efficient. This saves time, cleaning agents and energy.

Coating Equipment

Suitable for the following industries:


Building Materials


Specialist Manufacturers

See below for our recommended Coating equipment specialist manufacturers.

  • Lödige

    Lodige is a global leading supplier from Germany, specialising in a range of applications.