Allied Pharma and Brevetti C.E.A long established 17-year partnership has been extremely successful. Allied Pharma and Brevetti successfully won the Government Vaccine Line in 2020 we are proud to represent Brevetti C.E.A in the UK and Ireland.

Solution Information

Brevetti C.E.A. has been confirming its ability to hit the mark by manufacturing ground-breaking inspection machines for injectable pharmaceutical products.

Product innovation, experience and reliability, combined with a full range of Customer pre and after-sales support services highlight Brevetti C.E.A. as the ideal partner for successful investments.

Inspection Equipment

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Specialist Manufacturers

See below for our recommended Inspection equipment specialist manufacturers.

  • Brevetti Cea

    Brevetti deliver a range of high precision automatic inspection machines to detect foreign bodies and defects in injectable products such as Vials, Cartridges, Ampoules and Syringes.