Allied Pharmas partnership with Effytec has been extremely successful within the UK and Ireland for over six years. Effytec manufacture horizontal packaging solutions within the Pharma, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Chemical industries.

Solution Information

Effytec are an international technology reference based in Barcelona for sachet and pouch packaging machinery. Our strong knowledge of this industry allows us to provide optimal customized solutions to each customer with the highest level of features, and the finest quality & innovative packages.

Sachet & Pouch Filling Equipment

Suitable for the following industries:


Chemical Industry


Specialist Manufacturers

See below for our recommended Sachet & Pouch Filling equipment specialist manufacturers.

  • Effytec

    Horizontal packaging equipment for sachets and pouches for many applications, working from reel or pre-made pouches in many applications, working from reel or pre-made pouches.