Allied Pharma have a long-standing partnership with Steelco S.p.A who offer integrated solutions for many industries with a variety of applications within the UK and Ireland.

Solution Information

Part of the German Miele Group, Steelco S.p.A. is leading Italian manufacturer of equipment and systems for washing, disinfection, and sterilization of medical instruments in hospitals and other healthcare facilities as well as being an important supplier to the pharmaceutical and Life Science sectors. Steelco offers to its clients complete and customized solutions.

Washing & Sterilising Equipment

Suitable for the following industries:




Specialist Manufacturers

See below for our recommended Washing & Sterilising equipment specialist manufacturers.

  • Steelco

    Steel Co are manufactures of devices and apparatus for the cleaning disinfection and sterilization specifically designed for the pharma and medical industries with the following:

    • Autoclaves
    • Washers
    • Stopper and Washer Processors.